Friday, January 21, 2011

If there were rock, and also water

Have you ever wondered where all this water come from? The planet is filled with water, from the oceans that cover 70% of her surface to all life-forms that exist on this planet. Water is a common thread through all life. Life-forms does not necessarily need light or oxygen in order to survive, but no life-form can exist without water molecules. Our bodies does contain approximately 70% of water, just like the planet we have emerged from.

Water played a very important part in the evolution of life, being the major component of the primordial soup. Our reproductive cycle is a remembrance of the hydrolytic period in our own life.

But where did water molecules come from? Cause they were not a part of the planet when it formed? One theory is that the water came from outer space, from meteors with large icebodies that have crashed onto the planet. But how is water created from the beginning?

Scientists have now discovered that water molecules are created in interstellar dust in deep space. Each grain of interstellar dust provides a reactive surface on which wayward hydrogen and oxygen can combine into H2O. Eventually the two elements form an icy coating on the grain, the grains in the cloud condense gravitationally.

Suddenly having a glas of water became much more exciting.

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