Sunday, January 23, 2011

Want to know what it feels like to live on Tatooine or in an Arhtur C. Clarke Novel?

According to some Astronomers we might get two suns for a period of time in 2012. The star Betleguese might become a supernova and in the process be so bright that it lights up the night sky.

Finally I will get to know what is like to live on Tatooine-homeplanet of Starwars hero Luke Skywalker. Or what it is like to live in a Arthur C. Clarke book- considering Jupiter turned into a second sun in the book 2010. Once at a "departmen­t pub" at Karolinska Institute we realized that most of the modern art that was distribute­d on campus looked like Monoliths from the films 2001 and 2010. Having realized this, we tried very hard to evolve by standing next to them but I don't think it worked. Perhaps it only works if you are sober?

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