Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chaos is next to God

Swedish Poet Stagnelius said Chaos is next to God. He might have had knowledge of ancient creation myths, a wide range of stories tells us how life and order emerged from chaos.
This might also be true in a “brain sense”. A group of neurobiologists that work with mice have showed that the cells that are involved in sex are also involved in violence. Creation/God/Order and Chaos/destruction are two sides of the same coin. If you have a dualistic world view this is logical.
This dualistic theme of lifecreator/lifedestroyer expressions runs through the ancient world, every fertility Goddess was also a warrior Goddess. Aphrodite has lost this aspect but she had the warrior God as her lover and half of her children were associated with war.
Today several myth still tell the same tale. Kali is the face of death, destruction and ecstasy. According to the myth she emerged in a fight with a “super-villain” referred to as the Buffalo demon. She got blood struck and continued her slaughter. Many myths tell how Shiva-her husband- calms her. In the tantric version, he lies down naked and Kali, seduced by his good looks starts to make love to him. Her chaotic bloodthirst is converted and she changes aspect into Parvati or Durga. Thus the goddess is both warrior/destructor and mother/creator. Just as in the braincells of mice. The hypothalamus in mice and men are of similar design so perhaps the old myths are telling the truth and describing how our minds are working? They are showing us that the expression itself might be due to the same braincells, and that creating and destroying life might be intimately linked? Just as I wrote in my post about cancer and death in the body in “everything changes, nothing remains the same”, life is dependent on death.

The science behind this project is nothing more than mind-blowing. They were conducted I the so called brainbow mice. The technology is called optogenetics, but that will be another posting.

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