Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How is the weather on the sun today?

There might not be many years left before the weather channel also reports about space weather.

Foretelling the weather have always been a major human interest.The ancient studied the behaviour of animals and forming of clouds to understand what was coming. In this way, they could live more accordingly to our environment. Today the weather people on TV are our oracles. They foretell the future and we adapt our plans to their predictions.

In our modern society, there are other types of weather that we need to understand in order to plan ahead. Studies of the sun help us understand solar outbursts that -might- have a major impact on electric circuits and on communication technology here on planet earth. The sun rotate 21 days at a time.

Sunweather depends on magnetic activity. The activity is higher when the sun has an increased number of spots. The sunspots/the magnetic activity have a cyclic frequency. During these last years, there was a first devoid from the cycles since one started to register the numer of spots for approximately four hundred years ago. The number of spots went down, and for a while it looked like that the activity would not increase again. You can read about this in the links below.

Now Nasa has managed to, with increased surveillance of the sun-by sending up two satelites- and technology-bringing the images together-, to analyze the sun as it rotates. If a spot/increase of magnetic activity is created when it is turned away from us, we will know it. The space weather forecasts will be much more accurate.

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