Thursday, February 10, 2011

There is more and more of us to love; some thoughts on the obesity epidemic

The world is suffering from an obese epidemic, which is not exactly news. Films like “supersize me” have pointed a “j’accuse” finger in the fastfood industry direction. Lack of exercise and bad food leads to serious health problems which in turn are fast becoming the number one cause of death on planet earth- among humans. Yes it is correct, famine is a problem on earth but so is the way we- who have the food- eat as well.

There are many suggested causalities for the obesity epidemics besides life style. For example researches have found an adenovirus that might cause increased fat storage in humans thus leading to overweight. So part of the obese epidemic might be caused by a virus, this is far from being considered as a truth but companies are producing tests for this virus so that health care providers and people alike will be able to test for it
In a recent publication, biostatisticians are indicating that not only humans are growing in size, it seems to be true for several other species as well.
If it is true, can we understand why? Besides changes in life style and viruses, it could be due to epigenetic changes that stretches through generations as response to earler environments and/or new molecules found in our environment-like plastic and other pollutions. Probably the truth is a combination.

Or are we just getting bigger so that there will be more of us to love?

overview of putative causes for the obesity

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