Monday, May 16, 2011

Con-cern-ed about the AMS launch and the Cern experiments?

NASA's Endeavour shuttle took off today on its final mission carrying the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS). One of my FB friends was con-cern-ed that there was so much work going into this project when they could be saving the world. Well I am convinced that these dedicated scientists would not do this work unless they thought that it included saving the world. Increased knowledge has always brought the evolution forward, but it is hard to know exactly how before it has happened.

Remember the old stories of mirror worlds? In my country the witches used to party with Satan in a place where everything was the reversed compared to our world. The world of the witches was thus a mirror world. Similar themes have been adopted by science fiction, but then the authors have not only been inspired by ancient myths but also by science.

Antimatter is a form of matter composed of antiparticles, such as antihydrogen, consisting of antiprotons and positrons. Intellectually you could wonder if antiparticles exist, does antiplanets, antihumans and antiuniverse exists? Well, we can be sure that the AMS will not shed light on wether there is a Anti-me out there.

AMS is looking for anti-carbon, anti-hydrogen and anti-helium, things that can’t be formed by coalitions, but in stars. At this time, it seems like there is one for example anti-helium existing per ten million helium particles. Why does nature have a preference for matter rather than antimatter? The theory is that in the beginning, equal numbers of matter and antimatter were created, the question is where the antimatter went. With the help of the AMS antimatter will be studied, to answer these questions.

The AMS will also look for dark matter. Dark matter sounds like something out of Harry potter or like the name of a gothic rock band.

Visible mass is very low percent of the existing universe; floating on a sea of unknown substance. All we see, stars systems, galaxies and so forth are just like stars on a dark night heaven, we know that the stars are there, but we do not know what is in between them.

Where does the theory of dark matter come from? Galaxies rotate much quicker than breaking. All objects are observable by the radiation they give off, such as radio, infrared, optical, ultraviolet, x-ray, or gamma-ray radiation, and all can be observed using various kinds of telescopes. We have no idea what it is because it does not omit any radiation. The scientists think that DM is very heavy particles, so heavy that we cannot observe them. They do not give off any radiation. Matter that emits little or no detectable radiation of its own, postulated to account for gravitational forces observed on astronomical objects and to be part of the missing mass.

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