Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Open your eyes to the hidden light.

This is a scientific cinderella story. A guy called Nick Risinger leaves boring job to follow his heart, one year later he has photographed the whole sky, travelling the world with his retired father. His site has had one million visitors. His images shows the beauty that embraces our solar system, a beauty which is hidden from most uf us by light, either the sun or urban lights.

Astronomers call this light polution and countries are starting to take action against it.
In march 2001 there was a major power break in California, frighten people called the authorites wondering about all the light spots in the sky. That is how foreign some of us have become to something that was very present in the lifes of our grandparents and the ancestral line of humans. The stars had a major part in mythology, religion, travelling and agriculture-by helping humans to keep in track with the seasons.

Light pollution on our planet

There are now ongoing discussions on creating "dark parks" on earth. Nature need to be preserved under goverment protection, the night sky might need it too.

One of Nick's amazing pictures

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