Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Planets, you either have them or you don't

The latest news in astronomy is that, not only misery likes company, so does planets.
Data shows that stars that have a planet in circulation probably has others. This came as a suprise to the scientists, not only that so many stars have more than one planet, but that they could be meassured, as not all planets in our solarsystem move along the same plane.
The telescope is called Keppler and has identified 116 stars with planets since its launch two years ago. The data shows 45 stars with three planets , eight stars with four planets, one star with five planets, and one star with six planets.
The telescopes scans the light from several stars at the same time. When a body passes between the star and the telescope, the light from the star is weaker. This dip correlate to the size of the object that has passed and the time is eqvivalent to the passing of the object. Thus researchers can calculate the size of the planet.

Also planets come in all sizes, Jupiters, Saturns and earths.


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