Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 years ago we "discovered" AIDS

This will be a personal text.

The first AIDS case was reported 30 years ago. I was seven years old. I did not hear about the disease until three-four years later.
In 1987, my school was contacted by the arty Swedish Film director Roy Andersson. He had been hired by the Swedish state to make an information film about HIV and AIDS. A suprising choice
He wanted to show what the future might look like if we continued the path of fear. Fear of the virus, fear of sex, fear of being vunerable in the face of disease. So he created a dark school scene where young girls were taught have to use a condom under teacher's "it is all natural, dont you dare think anything else" supervision.

The scene is hilarious. Remember that we were twelve, it took hours before we stoped laughing and they could actually do the shooting. Luckily Roy's vision is wrong. We are not that afraid as he visioned us to be. The dark futuristic condom school scene starts at 1.56 and ends at 3.17 approx. I am in the back second row from the right.

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