Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do I need to include comic characters in order to get attention to my projects?

I have often wonder what it takes to convey an interest in science. In yesterday’s papers I got one clue.; Media do not care about scientific results unless it is 1) pointless 2) about comics. Yes I am choosing a negative  angle on it today.

Obelix making raw material for
scientific reports
Researchers have analyzed the injuries in the hilarious comic Asterix. Their results were great fun to read, they could tell which brain injuries the Romans had (and some Vikings, extraterrestrials and French) from looking at bruises and change in facial structures. Both “the big” Swedish papers DN and SVD reported this, as did the radio P1. That is amazing considering how little research that manage to get into the public eye.


Despite the entertaining read, I think it is sad that this is what the public gets access to. How much science has been reported so far in June?
I did a pubmed search.  Pubmed is a data base for published articles.
I found that 48089 articles were reported from June 1st to June 20.
48 000 articles, i.e. scientific reports, and the public gets to hear about Asterix injuries.  Why is this? No wonder the public doesn't know about E.Coli and how we use it to "grow" insulin, how DNA works, how bacteria can exchange DNA,  that we culture cancer cells to enable us to study the disease,  what nanotechnology is  and so forth.

And if I was the public, I would really question why scientists needed my tax money.

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