Thursday, June 16, 2011

In the future, will TV sets come with warning signs;"Watch with responsibility"?

The revolultion wont be televised. The author of these words  Gil Scott-Heron died in the end of May. Somehow it fits with the latest science reports on watching TV.
In Europe we watch TV 3 hours a day, Americans watch 5 hours a day. Western culture with all it’s amazing gifts have become more and more focused on “friction less living”. TV is a great tool to educate us and be used for catharsis and entertainment, but 5 hours a day? Now scientists are sure.
"Prolonged TV viewing is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality.”
 3-5 hours a day is prolonged viewing, we are killing ourselves. TV is a drug. If we can forbid and limit access to drugs and alcohol because it serves the  interest of the citizens and their health, why should there be a TV in every house? The drugs, just like TV holds promise of entertainment and aiding good health and catharsis at a  limited use (I am not saying that we should do drugs, I have seen firsthand how it can kill and destroy people so I would be the first to suggest caution).
Why  should we have a TV in every flat, when we are not allowed to access alcohol or drugs with the same convenience because of the possible danger they posses? Why are some drugs ok? I am just looking at the data, I am not advocating the use or non-use of drugs. Almost everybody is a druggie...we just use different drugs to numb ourselves or liberate ourselves from whatever is going on in our lives. In the future, will the TV come with a warning note, just like cigarettes does now? "Watch with caution, Watching might kill you, Don't watch with your children".

I don’t have a TV myself, I threw it out after I started to follow Big brother ten years ago. That was for me the lowest of the low. First I wanted to throw a party with the theme “throw the TV out of the window” but to my neighbor’s (unknowing) happiness I did not.

Scientists did a meta analysis (that is they gathered all published data from way back in 1970 up to today and put it together) and proved that watching TV will kill you by leading an earlier death.
I wonder if you add it all up, the computerized workplace, the commuting by cars and trains, will the TV stand out as the sole “killer”. Computers do play a bigger role today in our everyday lives. Perhaps these new computer games with movement sensors and such will change this.

The Disposable heroes of hiphoprisy raps; TV the drug of the nation.

This is from the paper;

“8 studies included, 4 reported results on type 2 diabetes (175 938 individuals; 6428 incident cases during 1.1 million person-years of follow-up), 4 reported on fatal or nonfatal cardiovascular disease (34 253 individuals; 1052 incident cases), and 3 reported on all-cause mortality (26 509 individuals; 1879 deaths during 202 353 person-years of follow-up). The pooled relative risks per 2 hours of TV viewing per day were 1.20 (95% CI, 1.14-1.27) for type 2 diabetes, 1.15 (95% CI, 1.06-1.23) for fatal or nonfatal cardiovascular disease, and 1.13 (95% CI, 1.07-1.18) for all-cause mortality. While the associations between time spent viewing TV and risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease were linear, the risk of all-cause mortality appeared to increase with TV viewing duration of greater than 3 hours per day. The estimated absolute risk differences per every 2 hours of TV viewing per day were 176 cases of type 2 diabetes per 100 000 individuals per year, 38 cases of fatal cardiovascular disease per 100 000 individuals per year, and 104 deaths for all-cause mortality per 100 000 individuals per year.”


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