I am a Swedish Scientist with a deep interest in life, living, presence and what it means to have a body. I have always nurtured a thirst of realizing what life is. This longing have led me to pursue a career in life science research, but also to courses in personal growth and several spiritual activities. I realized that experiencing and studying life are two sides of the same thing, an attempt to dive deeper into the mystery of being here.
I have a deep interest in science and a belief that conscious use of science will make this planet an even better place. And I think that conscious spirituality will do the same. Basically growing in consciousness will benefit us all.  Having said that, we are limitied by our idea of what this consciousness should look like. We need techniques so that we can become conscious of ourselves, not think of what we imagine it to be. Both science and spirituality can provide these techniques. Both science and spirituality suffers from the structures of dogmas.
We are here to live, why not do it fully. The key lies in the interaction, not in the action itself. I have borrowed the headline from Ralph W. Emerson.

I have just opened a twitteraccount; twitter.com/abirgersdotter, so you are welcome to connect there. I am still discovering why Twitter exists, still not fully getting it :)