I think that we are here to simply live life  (which in it's simplicity is an overwhelming and spiritual experience shared by very few beings in the universe) and in that we are caught by ideas of what that life should look like. Yet there is some kind of drive and longing in us that urges us on, looking deeper and deeper into life. This longing is the muse that inspires scientific research. It is the same inspiration that takes us by the hand and leads us to the depths of our own person where we can have deeper experiences of life. This is what is usually described as spiritual experiences.

In everyday life, we strive for a sense of “not the usual”. The value of a thing increases with it’s rarity. In our modern western culture we drink expensive wines and eat expensive chocolate. We need it in order to feel more alive now when the supermarkets are overflowing with bad cheap versions of mentioned merchandise. The rarer, the more expensive.
This  seem to penetrate to the level of human human interaction. When we take the bus or car to work in the morning, it feels like the world would be better off if we could get rid of a couple of millions of these fellow sour moron morning travellers.
Yet the truth is the opposite. Each moment that you interact with another life-form, you are interacting with one of the most valuable things in the universe.
In how many places have we found life? So far zero. This planet, that intellectuals like to call so insignificant and lonely in a big black emptiness, has done something incredible. “She” has hosted the great show of evolution and a myriad of life-forms have lived together on her surface. This overwhelming abundance of continuing creation, movement of lifeform into new lifeform, is so far defined by the lack of proof that it has happened anywhere else. Maybe you do not need to buy expensive chocolate on the way home to feel that you add value to your life, perhaps you just need to fully meet another human being. Perhaps all you need is to be present in the interaction with life around you.

It has existed for billions and billions of years. We are here to enjoy a fragment of it in our lifetime. How valuable is something that does not exist anywhere in the universe? It is valuable beyond words. Thus, we hare here to share something extraordinary- this precise moment. Welcome, you are here to enjoy the party of one lifetime. It is the mother of all parties. 

Now would you not like to learn as much as possible about this great mystery that we are participating in? 
This is where science come in. It is the light that shines through the darkness of matter, we can view into the depths, the source of cells, source of atoms and beyond. We can stare through the stars into time and sense the big bang.

The idea of this blog is to write about scientific wonders with the sense of awe that life deserves.